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Branch: CURRENT, Version:, Package name: libreoffice-, Maintainer: ryoon

LibreOffice is a free, community-developed, multi-platform office
productivity suite. It includes key desktop applications:
word processor, spreadsheet, presentation manager, and drawing program,
with a user interface and feature set similar to other office suites.

Required to run:
[sysutils/desktop-file-utils] [sysutils/dbus-glib] [sysutils/dbus] [textproc/py-expat] [textproc/libxml2] [textproc/libxslt] [textproc/icu] [converters/libwpd] [www/curl] [www/serf] [www/neon] [graphics/gnome-icon-theme] [graphics/hicolor-icon-theme] [graphics/freetype2] [graphics/png] [graphics/cairo] [graphics/glu] [graphics/glew] [databases/openldap-client] [databases/shared-mime-info] [databases/unixodbc] [databases/db4] [fonts/fontconfig] [security/gnupg2] [security/gpgme] [security/openssl] [devel/cppunit] [devel/boost-libs] [devel/apr-util] [devel/nss] [x11/Xfixes] [x11/xcursor] [x11/Xrender] [x11/liboldXrandr] [textproc/hunspell] [x11/pixman] [textproc/redland] [textproc/libclucene] [textproc/rasqal] [converters/libwps] [converters/libwpg] [math/lp_solve] [graphics/gdk-pixbuf2-xlib] [x11/gtk3] [graphics/lcms2] [converters/libvisio] [textproc/libexttextcat] [textproc/mythes] [textproc/raptor2] [converters/libcdr] [multimedia/gstreamer1] [multimedia/gst-plugins1-base] [converters/orcus] [converters/libmwaw] [converters/libmspub] [devel/liblangtag] [textproc/libodfgen] [databases/hsqldb18] [textproc/hyphen] [net/libcmis] [converters/libetonyek] [converters/libabw] [converters/libe-book] [converters/libfreehand] [converters/librevenge] [math/coinmp] [converters/libpagemaker] [graphics/libepoxy] [databases/mysql57-client] [converters/libzmf] [converters/libstaroffice] [converters/libqxp] [converters/libepubgen] [lang/python37] [math/libnumbertext] [graphics/librsvg-c] [lang/openjdk11]

Required to build:
[archivers/p5-Archive-Zip] [pkgtools/x11-links] [devel/apache-ant] [devel/boost-headers] [devel/gperf] [x11/xcb-proto] [x11/fixesproto4] [devel/mdds] [graphics/glm] [pkgtools/cwrappers] [lang/gcc7] [x11/xorgproto] [graphics/qr-code-generator]

Package options: cups, dbus, gtk3, java, ldap

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   2024-02-11 16:31:59 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (14) | Package updated
Log message:
misc/libreoffice: Update to

* Disable generation and installation of multi language help files
  to reduce package size and build time.


  * "Legal" ordered list numbering: make a given list level use Arabic
    numbering for all its number parts. tdf#150408 (Mike Kaganski, Collabora)
  * Comments can now use styles, the "Comment" paragraph style being the
    default one. This makes it easier to modify the formatting of all comments
    at once, or to visually categorise different types of comments. tdf#103064

  * Improve first page headers/footers OOXML import: Use first page property in
    the existing page style instead of creating a new page style just for the
    first page. tdf#136472 (Toma? Vajngerl, Collabora)


  * Linkable elements can now be drag-and-dropped from the Navigator onto a
    text selection to use the selection as the hyperlink text. tdf#156111 (Jim
  * Nested Sections can now be collapsed just like Headings (tdf#158103) and
    can be hidden or made visible from their context menu (tdf#157681). (Jim
  * In Outline Folding mode, the hidden headings are now greyed out in the
    Navigator instead of not being visible. tdf#156282 (Jim Raykowski)
  * Comments in a thread are now grouped in the Navigator. tdf#157729 (Jim

Multi-page floating tables

Support for multi-page floating tables was improved in various aspects:

  * Overlap control, border and footnotes: blog post (Miklos Vajna, Collabora)
  * Nesting: blog post (Miklos Vajna, Collabora)
  * Wrap on all pages: blog post (Miklos Vajna, Collabora)
  * UI improvements: blog post (Miklos Vajna, Collabora)


  * Templates with the required settings for Japanese text added to the
    Localization category. This increases interoperability with Microsoft Word
    for Japanese users. tdf#86483, core commit feeb3a46 (Jun Nogata)

New line break algorithm for interoperability

Since 2013, the non-proprietary, metric-compatible alternative fonts are no
longer guaranteed the same paragraph layout, because MS Word 2013 and later
introduced a new default line breaking algorithm for justified text. To fix the
lost interoperability, the same algorithm has been implemented in Writer to
reduce spaces within justified lines by up to 20%. tdf#119908 blog post (L??szl
?? N??meth, donor: NLnet).

For example, the 2-page test document in Writer has been reduced to one page,
just like in MS Word, as visible on the following composite image (red text
typeset by MS Word, which covered by the black text typeset by LibreOffice
Writer). After the development, the red MS Word text is visible only at high
magnification next to the black Writer letters, as the line breaks are already
exactly the same:

Note: used only for DOCX interoperability yet (including for ODT files which
are converted from new DOCX files with space shrinking), but planned to be the
default justification algorithm of the next major versions of LibreOffice.


  * New search field in the Functions sidebar deck. tdf#122718 (Rafael Lima)
  * Number format: scientific format now supports and saves to ODF (tdf#153993
    and tdf#156449 Laurent Balland)
      + embedded text, with number format such as ###.000 E0
      + lower case for exponent, with number format such as ###.000e0
      + exponent with blank '?' instead of '0', with number format such as
  * Font is live-previewed again: it is temporarily applied on the selected
    cell(s) by hovering or navigating in the font dropdown (sidebar or
    toolbar). tdf#158320 (Caol??n McNamara, Collabora)
  * Shortcuts to switch sheets now work to cycle from last to first (Ctrl?+?Tab
    ?? or Ctrl?+?Page Down; ? Cmd?+?Tab ?? or ? Cmd?+?Page Down) and vice versa
    (Ctrl?+??? Shift?+?Tab ?? or Ctrl?+?Page Up; ? Cmd?+??? Shift?+?Tab ?? or ?
    Cmd?+?Page Up;). tdf#156311 (Denis Sorotnik)

Column/Row Highlighting for Active Cell

  * Highlight the row and column for the active cell. tdf#33201 (Sahil Gautam)
  * Accessible through Tools ? Options ? LibreOffice Calc ? View, or through
    the menu entry View ? Column/Row Highlighting


  * Implemented Small Caps for Impress: details in blog post. tdf#98367 (Caol??
    n McNamara, Collabora)

Slide Show Settings

  * The setting "Show navigation panel" in Slide Show ? Slide Show \ 
    will now be saved to local configuration. tdf#157788 (Amin Irgaliev,
    Vladislav Tarakanov)
  * Moved Presenter console and Remote control settings from Tools ? Options ?
    LibreOffice Impress to Slide Show ? Slide Show Settings.... Additionally,
    the labels and dialog layout has been improved. tdf#135089 core commit
    7ca9c5bd (Samuel Mehrbrodt, allotropia)
  * Additionally, there is a new check box so that the Bluetooth Remote control
    server can be enabled without also enabling the (currently insecure) WiFi
    server. core commit aee059ff (Michael Stahl, allotropia)


  * Fixed Impress templates where incorrect fonts were selected for CJK and
    CTL. core commit 3adf0 (Jun Nogata)
  * Numerous improvements and fixes to templates (Laurent Balland, with
    contributions from J??r?me Bouat):
      + fixed blue elements on slide and in sidebar;
      + added and improved placement of various placeholders;
      + fixed order of slides;
      + made images lighter;
      + made fonts and formatting more consistent;
      + fixed styles and their hierarchy;
      + removed unnecessary markup;
      + improved ODF compliance;
      + fixed font declaration issues;
      + fixed preview size in Notes view;
      + made it easier to use them in a different language than English;
      + moved credits to appropriate location.
      + Relevant reports and commits: tdf#122080 tdf#158017 tdf#158022 tdf#
        158202 tdf#158203 tdf#158204 tdf#158205 tdf#158206 tdf#158230 tdf#
        158250 tdf#158488 core commit 619500d6 core commit d103f4af core commit
        f1f8fd84 core commit 23c300a0 core commit a9ad36ae


  * Draw now imports multi-page TIFF files (i.e. a TIFF file with several
    subfiles) placing one image per page. tdf#155444 (Rashesh Padia, Collabora)




  * Support setting and rendering a formula's Right-to-Left direction. tdf#
    134193 (Khaled Hosny, TDF)
  * Support Arabic and Persian operators and symbols. tdf#111705 (Khaled Hosny,
  * The Math font can now be changed in Format ? Fonts... (default is
    OpenSymbol). tdf#101174 (Khaled Hosny, TDF)
  * Tools ? Special Character... is now available in the Formula editor. tdf#
    32418 (Khaled Hosny, TDF)
  * Inline (Visual) formula editing mode is now enabled by default, graduated
    from experimental mode feature core commit 2d47c824 (Khaled Hosny, TDF)

Core / General

  * A new calendar-based numbering scheme (YY.M.Patch) is introduced since this
    release. This will help users to more easily see how current their
    installed version of LibreOffice is.
  * Changes in automatic saving of documents: "Save AutoRecovery \ 
    is turned on by default, as well as "Always create backup copies". \ 
    copies accumulate in the folder specified by Tools ? Options ? LibreOffice
     ? Paths. Both settings can be turned off in Tools ? Options ? Load/Save ?
    General ? Save. tdf#152463 (Bogdan Buzea)
  * Fixed many AutoRecovery limitations and re-enabled AutoSave UI. Added
    "Place backup in same folder as document" option. tdf#65509 \ 
tdf#68565 tdf#
    57414 (Mike Kaganski / Justin Luth, Collabora)
  * Fixed various Notebookbar paper cuts: lots of menu improvements, better
    print preview support, proper reset of customized layout, better use of
    radio buttons, less "jumps" back to Home tab, no longer broken \ 
after file
    reload or print preview or master view. tdf#126006 tdf#125504 tdf#122270
    tdf#141136 tdf#148121 (Justin Luth)
  * Added search functionality to Tools ? Options. tdf#49895 (Bayram ?i?ek)
  * Automatically switching to dark app colors and a dark icon theme when a
    dark color scheme is configured in the desktop settings now also works for
    the Qt-based UI variants used e.g. by default on KDE Plasma. tdf#156894 tdf
    #149611 (Michael Weghorn)
  * Expert config now shows explanatory text to the config items in a tooltip
    tdf#157431 (Samuel Mehrbrodt, allotropia)
  * Expert config can now be filtered by modified values. Modified values are
    displayed in **bold** text. tdf#157432 (Samuel Mehrbrodt, allotropia)
  * Improved editing capabilities in Expert config dialog: (Samuel Mehrbrodt,
      + Proper input type validation
      + Editing lists in an own dialog
  * Sometimes spell checker algorithms send 2 lists for the same part of the
    sentence. One of the lists is sometimes empty. Now the non-empty list is
    shown on right click. (G?kay ?at??r, Collabora Productivity)
  * Null pointer issue in password-dialog / libreofficeKit is fixed. (G?kay ?at
    ??r, Collabora Productivity)
  * Duden corrector encoded text issue is fixed. (G?kay ?at??r, Collabora
  * Updated German language shortcuts for general compatibility. (G?kay ?at??r,
    Collabora Productivity)
  * In experimental mode, made the MAR-based automatic update available on TDF
    Windows 64-bit builds, see Tools ? Options ? Online Update ? Automatic
    Update. (Stephan Bergmann, allotropia)
  * On Windows, Alt?+?NumPad codes support had been enhanced to allow full
    Unicode range. Note that this interferes with shortcut handling;
    Alt?+?Number shortcuts now only work with main keyboard area numbers on
    Windows, not with NumPad numbers. Also note, that this enhancement does not
    include Windows' EnableHexNumpad registry setting support. tdf#156443 (Mike
    Kaganski, Collabora)
  * Introduced additional editable metadata fields Contributor, Coverage,
    Identifier, Publisher, Relation, Rights, Source, Type. See File ?
    Properties... ? Description. tdf#138792 (Sarper Akdemir, allotropia)


Orcus-based filters

The following improvements derive primarily from the 0.19 release of the orcus
library (Kohei Yoshida, allotropia).

  * Overhauled the Gnumeric import filter to fix bugs and add missing features.
    Most notable feature additions are:
      + cell styles
      + rich-text strings
      + named ranges
      + row heights and column widths
      + merged cells
  * Added support for importing rich-text strings in the Excel 2003 XML format.

Import of "Drawing Canvas" from docx-documents

Word has an object called "Drawing Canvas" where you draw shapes on \ 
it. They
are combined into one object, similar as grouping them. This drawing canvas has
to be used in Word, if the drawing contains connector shapes. Word writes this
object in two flavors to the file. One is the original drawing canvas in
DrawingML markup and the other is a fallback with reduced properties in VML
markup. Previous LibreOffice versions could only read the VML fallback. Now the
DrawingML is read. That gives you these new import features:

  * The drawing canvas background is imported.
  * Connectors are no longer imported as simple shapes but as true connectors,
    attached to the start and end shape.
  * Primitive shapes like ellipses are imported as ooxml-shape and thus text
    inside the shape can wrap now.
  * Shapes can use multicolor gradients, theme colors and glow effects.


ODF Wholesome Encryption

A new mode of password-based ODF encryption has been implemented, with the
following advantages:

  * more performant due to deriving a key only once per package
  * more tamper-resistant with authenticated encryption (AES-GCM)
  * better hiding of metadata to reduce information leaks
  * higher resistance to brute forcing using memory-hard Argon2id key
    derivation function

            You will need LibreOffice 24.2 to open these encrypted files. For
            this reason, by default the pre-existing standard ODF encryption is

This is available if Experimental Features are enabled in Tools ? Options ?
LibreOffice ? Advanced. tdf#105844 (Michael Stahl, allotropia)

OOXML SVG support

  * Support SVG OOXML extension (http://schemas.microsoft.com/office/drawing/
    2016/SVG/main namespace
  * Import the SVG image (svgBlip element) instead of the fallback PNG
  * Export the SVG image in addition to fallback PNG image, which is used if
    the svgBlip element is not supported (older MS Office versions). tdf#126084
    (Toma? Vajngerl, Collabora)


  * The Insert Special Characters dropdown now shows a character description
    for the selected character (and in tooltip on hovering). tdf#156538 (Jim
  * The save with password dialog now features a password strength meter that
    utilizes zxcvbn-c to determine the password strength. tdf#157518 (Sarper
    Akdemir, allotropia)

  * Turn Security Warnings popup windows into infobars to avoid annoying
    blocker warning dialogs. tdf#157482 (Bal??zs Varga, allotropia) - In the
    previous implementation, if the appropriate configuration options are
    enabled, a warning was issued and/or the personal information have been
    removed each time the document is saved. These Security Warnings popup
    windows have been turned into individual infobar warnings at the top of the
    page. The infobar can be displayed both for hidden and for personal
    information. In this way, the user receives a hint without significantly
    disrupting the workflow. A button on the banner could additionally open a
    dialog in which individual pieces of information can be removed.
  * Options dialog pages behaved inconsistently when options are locked down.
    Several of the UI elements do not reflect this by becoming disabled and
    displaying a lock icon on their left. By the end all the Options pages will
    work consistently when options are locked down. tdf#157698 (Bal??zs Varga,
  * Clarify the options dialog text around macro security settings, to specify
    exactly what is permitted, and what is prevented. tdf#157588 (G??bor
    Kelemen, allotropia)
  * It is now possible to reset the cropping for an image. tdf#86628 (Andrea


  * Tree views like the one in the Expert Configuration Dialog (reachable via
    Tools ? Options ? LibreOffice ? Advanced ? Open Expert Configuration) are
    now correctly exposed via accessibility APIs, so the table content is
    announced by screen readers. tdf#99609 (Michael Weghorn, TDF)
  * A system setting to reduce/disable animations is now honoured by
    LibreOffice to disable the "marching ants" animation when copying \ 
cells in
    Calc. (This is new in LibreOffice 24.2 for Windows and Linux; for macOS,
    this is already included in LibreOffice 7.6.) tdf#155414 (Patrick Luby;
    Michael Weghorn, TDF)
  * Issues in the handling of mouse positions in the Windows-specific
    accessibility implementation were fixed, so that the NVDA screen reader can
    announce the text of a Calc cell under the mouse pointer correctly. tdf#
    156679 (Michael Weghorn, TDF)
  * Various popup menus like the border line style control (e.g. used in
    Writer: Format ? Paragraph ? Borders ? Line ? Style) or the font color
    chooser (e.g. used in Writer: Format ? Character ? Font Effect ? Font Color
    ) are now correctly announced by the NVDA screen reader on Windows. tdf#
    101886 tdf#141101 tdf#156561 (Michael Weghorn, TDF)
  * The UNO grid control is now properly exposed to the accessibility layer and
    can therefore be announced by the NVDA screen reader. tdf#156473 (Michael
    Weghorn, TDF)
  * The multi line edit (e.g. used in the Help ? Check for Updates...) dialog
    now supports the accessible Text interface, which allows screen readers to
    announce its text content. tdf#104833 (Michael Weghorn, TDF)
  * An active-descendant-changed accessible events no longer gets incorrectly
    sent when a combobox value changes without the combobox being focused,
    which was causing confusing behavior with the NVDA screen reader in the
    print dialog. tdf#157137 (Michael Weghorn, TDF)
  * On Windows, the IAccessible2 role is now reported for frames, instead of
    reporting them as dialogs. Commit (Michael Weghorn, TDF)
  * Status bars in dialogs are now reported with the correct accessible role,
    so screen readers can find and report them accordingly. tdf#157639 (Michael
    Weghorn, TDF)
  * The content of the Tools ? Word Count... dialog is now announced by the
    NVDA screen reader on Windows when the dialog opens. tdf#157633 (Michael
    Weghorn, TDF)
  * On Windows, text attributes are now reported on the accessibility layer
    according to the IAccessible2 text attributes and object attributes
    specifications, no longer by using custom attribute names and values.
    Invalid spelling is now also reported via the corresponding text attribute.
    Together with a corresponding change in version 2024.1 of the NVDA screen
    reader, this makes announcement of misspelled words work when reading a
    line of text in Writer. tdf#157696 (Michael Weghorn, TDF)
  * On Windows, text alignment is now reported via the corresponding
    IAccessible2 object attribute, which makes it possible for assistive
    technology like the NVDA screen reader to announce it. tdf#135922 (Michael
    Weghorn, TDF)
  * Checkboxes in the spelling dialog can now be toggled using the space key
    tdf#135921 (Michael Weghorn, TDF)
  * Writer paragraphs using the "Block Quotation" paragraph style now \ 
also use
    the block quote accessibility role, which makes it possible for screen
    readers to announce them as block quotes. tdf#135586 (Michael Weghorn, TDF)
  * The VoiceOver screen reader on macOS no longer unhelpfully says \ 
    when a Writer paragraph or toolbar button receives focus. Commit (Michael
    Weghorn, TDF)
  * Toggle buttons can now be toggled using the corresponding accessible
    action, which e.g. allows screen readers to do so. tdf#112661 tdf#112662
    (Michael Weghorn, TDF)
  * The label for row and column headers in Calc is now reported via the
    "rowindextext" and "colindextext" object attributes as \ 
specified in the
    ARIA specification. The Orca screen reader makes use of these for the
    announcement of cells. tdf#158030 (Michael Weghorn, TDF)
  * The Orca screen reader on Linux now announces the current status of the
    underline toolbar button, i.e. it indicates whether underlining is
    currently active or not. tdf#123864 (Michael Weghorn, TDF)

Changes in UI strings

  * Language settings was changed to Languages and Locales in options. tdf#
    157716 (Aswath T)
  * Decimal separator key was changed to Decimal key on the numpad in options.
    tdf#113478 (Adoche Onaji)
  * Modify was changed to Assign in Customize dialog. tdf#155214 (Aswath T)
  * Scale was changed to As percentage of the parent in Area dialog tdf#154019.
    (Heiko Tietze, TDF)
  * Description was changed to Alt Text. tdf#155044 (Heiko Tietze / Ilmari
    Lauhakangas, TDF)
  * Evaluate up to level was changed to Include up to level in index dialog.
    tdf#157908 (Seth Chaiklin)
  * Add paragraph and table spacing at tops of pages was changed to Add
    paragraph and table spacing at top of first page and page breaks in
    options. tdf#141676 (Seth Chaiklin)
  * AutoUpdate changed to Automatic update from document in the Organize tab of
    Style dialog. tdf#149796 (Seth Chaiklin)
  * Instead of Widow and Orphan controls, the Text Flow tab of Paragraph Style
    dialog now talks about paragraph splitting. tdf#156795 tdf#156109 Samuel
    Mehrbrodt (allotropia)


  * LibreOffice is now available in Armenian

Armenian is an Indo-European language, spoken by 5??7 million people in the
Republic of Armenia and elsewhere in the world. The translation of LibreOffice
??s user interface was largely done by Tigran Zargaryan. Read more about this
in our blog

Improvements to proofing tools and language support


  * Slovenian thesaurus was updated (Martin Srebotnjak, OdprtiTezaver).



  * CCur now respects system locale. tdf#128122 (Jonathan Clark)

The ScriptForge libraries

An extensible and robust collection of macro scripting resources for
LibreOffice to be invoked from user Basic or Python scripts. (Jean-Pierre

The libraries expose a total of 32 services each with a bunch of methods and

New in LibreOffice 24.2:

  * The (new) Dataset service helps browsing through the data collected with
    tables, queries or SQL SELECT statements. Getting and updating records data
    is made easy with the use of dictionaries field name => field value. Binary
    fields can be extracted to files or updated with the content of files.
  * The Database service supports the transaction mode with in particular the
    Commit() and Rollback() methods.
  * Use the new filesystem property of the Document service to navigate through
    the internal file structure of documents like in usual folders and files.
  * The Files() and Subfolders() methods in the FileSystem service provide the
    list of files and folders present in a folder. They accept now an
    additional IncludeSubfolders boolean argument.
  * The UserData property of the Platform service gives access to the content
    of the equivalent page in the Tools/Options dialog.
  * The Documents service is enriched with a set of functions to manage styles.
    E.g. suppressing all unused styles can be done in a few lines of code.

The whole set of services (except when better done by native built-in
functions) is made available for Python scripts with identical syntax and
behaviour as in Basic.

The English version of the documentation of the ScriptForge libraries (24.2) is
fully integrated in the LibreOffice help pages (https://help.libreoffice.org/
24.2/en-US/text/sbasic/shared/03/lib_ScriptForge.html?DbPAR=BASIC). Their
translation into other languages is underway. (Alain Romedenne, Rafael Lima)

Feature Removal / Deprecation

  * Drop Impress/Draw's HTML Export wizard. Exporting to HTML from the UI
    behaves now the same way as using --convert-to \ 
    from the command line, the slides being exported as a single document. tdf#
    105303 (Xisco Fauli, TDF)
  * Removed FTP protocol support from LibreOffice, following browser vendors
    and general industry trends. tdf#146386, core commit 4a26dcac (Michael
    Stahl, allotropia)

Platform Compatibility

  * On Windows, text attributes are now reported on the accessibility layer
    according to the IAccessible2 text attributes and object attributes
    specifications, no longer by using custom attribute names and values.
    Assistive Technology that currently only supports the custom LibreOffice
    attributes needs to be adapted to support attributes according to the
    IAccessible2 specifications. For the NVDA screen reader, this has been
    implemented for the upcoming version 2024.1. tdf#157696
  * The minimum requirements for building and running LibreOffice on Linux have
    been raised from Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7/CentOS 7 to Red Hat Enterprise
    Linux 8/CentOS 8 (or equivalent). This also means that Qt 5.15 is the
    minimum supported Qt version for the Qt 5 based "VCL plugins" \ 
    core commit 02f48a32

API Changes

  * The constant group com.sun.star.sheet.NamedRangeFlag now supports the
    HIDDEN flag, which allows to hide named ranges from the UI. MSO
    compatibility with hidden named ranges is now supported as well. tdf#154449
    (Rafael Lima)
  * New UNO commands for Writer:
      + .uno:SpotlightParaStyles and .uno:SpotlightCharStyles for the Spotlight
        feature on Paragraph and Character styles respectively. They are now
        available in the menu: Format ? Spotlight tdf#156114 (Jim Raykowski)
      + .uno:InsertDateFieldVar and .uno:InsertTimeFieldVar for variable date
        and variable time fields respectively. This allows assigning shortcuts
        to both fixed and variable variants of the date and time fields. Both
        variants are now available from the menu: Insert ? Field. core commit
        6c073a18 (Xisco Fauli, TDF)

Configuration Changes

  * A new setting can be used to disable insecure network protocols (such as
    unencrypted HTTP, SMTP, and TLS versions older than 1.2). If disabled, the
    WebDAV UCP will automatically attempt to connect via HTTPS instead, while
    other services will refuse to connect. core commit 5365daf6 core commit
    8e46dd95 core commit 8b0b453e
      + org.openoffice.Office.Security/Net/AllowInsecureProtocols
  * A new setting can be used to disable soffice --accept core commit ec3ffe62
      + org.openoffice.Office.Security/Net/AllowInsecureUNORemoteProtocol
  * The following configuration keys have been deprecated:
      + org.openoffice.Office.Inet::Settings::ooInetFTPProxyName tdf#146386
      + org.openoffice.Office.Inet::Settings::ooInetFTPProxyPort tdf#146386
  * The following deprecated configuration keys have been removed:
      + org.openoffice.Office.Common/InternalMSExport/UseOldExport tdf#154077
        (Gabor Kelemen, allotropia)
      + org.openoffice.Office.Histories/HistoryItem/Password (Samuel Mehrbrodt,
      + org.openoffice.Office.Paths/Storage (Samuel Mehrbrodt, allotropia)
      + org.openoffice.Office.Linguistic/SpellChecking/IsSpellCapitalization
        (Samuel Mehrbrodt, allotropia)
  * Customization of start center colors StartCenterThumbnailsHighlightColor
    and StartCenterThumbnailsHighlightTextColor removed in favor of system
    defaults tdf#158084 (Heiko Tietze, TDF)
   2024-01-30 19:29:21 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (47)
Log message:
revbump for devel/abseil
   2024-01-27 23:35:07 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (5)
Log message:
libreoffice: fix build with libxml2 2.12.
   2023-12-29 19:25:02 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (254)
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revbump for boost-libs
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libreoffice: Update to

List of fixed bugs

Bugs fixed compared to 7.6.3 RC2:

 1. tdf#99822 FILEOPEN: Floating table objects in tables horizontal position
    relative to margin is wrong in Writer [Miklos Vajna]
 2. tdf#104288 FILESAVE RTF: File size increases with factor 5 after re-saving
    a certain RTF-document [Vasily Melenchuk]
 3. tdf#125580 Slightly off value when adding date plus time values [Eike
 4. tdf#127498 TIMEVALUE() sometimes returns a slightly less or greater than
    expected value [Eike Rathke]
 5. tdf#127547 Freeze/crash in Microsoft Print to PDF dialog when trying to
    paste (Ctrl-V) a filename in the 'Save Print Output As' dialog [Noel
 6. tdf#148000 FILEOPEN PPTX: curved text doesn't line break properly and
    becomes too wide [Attila Sz?cs]
 7. tdf#148389 The bracket of "display of bookmarks formatting" doesn't
    position itself properly at undo [Michael Stahl]
 8. tdf#152571 Very slow save (macOS, ARM) [Noel Grandin]
 9. tdf#153178 FILEOPEN RTF Paragraphs before table disappear or open inside a
    frame [Michael Stahl]
10. tdf#153194 FILEOPEN RTF Empty paragraph after page break moves to previous
    page [Michael Stahl]
11. tdf#153693 Error in Api LanguageTool: partial words or large sections
    underlined when writing in Spanish [Mike Kaganski]
12. tdf#153969 Text hidden when importing PDF document with RTL text and using
    he-IL locale [Kevin Suo]
13. tdf#155092 UI: Erratic behaviour after resizing spreadsheet window size
    [Patrick Luby]
14. tdf#155266 VIEWING / SCROLLING: very laggy jerky scrolling on macOS Writer:
    scroll lag [Patrick Luby]
15. tdf#156565 FILESAVE PDF Using tabulator inside a link results to a PAC2021
    "Inconsistent entry found" error [Michael Stahl]
16. tdf#157589 PDF: Conversion of pdf to docx or doc collapses all content onto
    one page [Kevin Suo]
17. tdf#157768 Highlighted no-break space not rendered in pdf and print-preview
    [Xisco Fauli]
18. tdf#157816 PAC gives >"Link" annotation is not nested inside a \ 
    structure element< error with references and caption frame [Michael Stahl]
19. tdf#157911 Wrong borders for tables split across multiple pages [Miklos
20. tdf#157992 UI Changing a spelling error in the spelling dialog removes
    footnote from the edited sentence [Oliver Specht]
21. tdf#158044 RTF import paragraph style attribute handling wrong [Oliver
22. tdf#158072 Fails to apply AutoFilter or Standard Filter in Mail Merge
    dialog after it was applied once successfully (Writer+Calc) [Noel Grandin]
23. tdf#158083 FILESAVE RTF Images are saved twice [Vasily Melenchuk]
24. tdf#158090 No way to run signed macros from unsigned document in Medium
    security level [Mike Kaganski]
25. tdf#158094 Can't remove trusted certificate in Macro Security [Noel
26. tdf#158117 LanguageTool integration: "+" character not recognized \ 
for the
    user ID [Mike Kaganski]
27. tdf#158121 Math - Print settings not read after changing [Caol??n McNamara]
28. tdf#158169 Crash when using multiple Views [Armin Le Grand (allotropia)]
29. tdf#158171 Crash when double-clicking DeepL translation dialog OK button
    [Julien Nabet]
30. tdf#158202 Candy template turns blue when applied a second time from
    sidebar's Master Slides deck [Laurent Balland]
31. tdf#158203 Freshes template turns blue when applied a second time from
    sidebar's Master Slides deck [Laurent Balland]
32. tdf#158204 Midnightblue template turns light blue if applied from sidebar's
    Master Slides deck [Laurent Balland]
33. tdf#158224 EDITING CRASH Cannot convert bitmap to polygons [Noel Grandin]
34. tdf#158265 Cell Format Date changes cell value in case of high resolution
    date/time values [Eike Rathke]
35. tdf#158307 Android Viewer: Formula bar in Calc partially cut off with large
    font size (Accessibility) [Michael Weghorn]
36. tdf#158331 Android Viewer: "Save as" creates 0 byte file (with
    Experimentation Mode turned off) [Michael Weghorn]
37. tdf#158336 "**Expression is Faulty**" after copying/pasting formula in
    another table [Xisco Fauli]
38. tdf#158338 Opening file with image when JAWS is running causes endless loop
    [Noel Grandin]
39. tdf#158341 FILEOPEN DOCX Endless loop on opening file [Miklos Vajna]
40. tdf#158396 Frame title should show DocumentTitle when set in
    MediaDescriptor [Mike Kaganski]
41. tdf#158398 Android Viewer: Improve display of spreadsheet row/column
    headers [Michael Weghorn]
   2023-11-24 15:03:09 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
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libreoffice: Update to

Bugs fixed compared to 7.6.3 RC1:

 1. tdf#158125 Android Viewer fails in Google Play CI: "No suitable EGL
    configuration found" [Michael Weghorn]
Bugs fixed compared to 7.6.2 RC1:

 1. cool#7254 crash on double click of value set item in bullets and numbering
    [Caol??n McNamara]
 2. ofz#62935 avoid negative numbers in olHanglJaso [Caol??n McNamara]
 3. tdf#48083 FILEOPEN PPT: Slide Background Fill is none instead of slide
    color (PPTX fixed in 5.2) [Samuel Mehrbrodt]
 4. tdf#51510 FILESAVE: Exporting documents with embedded SVG (e.g. QR code) to
    doc or docx converts the image to low-resolution pixel graphics [Toma?
    Vajngerl, Darshan-upadhyay1110]
 5. tdf#89178 Mail merge does not change the merge fields in files (when saved
    as individual documents) to plain text [Mike Kaganski]
 6. tdf#97710 SVG import cant fill overlapped polyline [Xisco Fauli]
 7. tdf#99822 FILEOPEN: Floating table objects in tables horizontal position
    relative to margin is wrong in Writer [Miklos Vajna]
 8. tdf#100034 Impossible to persistently remove print-range restrictions in
    .xlsx spreadsheet [Rafael Lima]
 9. tdf#100584 With an RTL sheet, make added sheets RTL as well [Andreas
10. tdf#101376 Wordcount Beanshell macro execution causes crash [Patrick Luby]
11. tdf#103064 Introduce a comment style [Maxim Monastirsky]
12. tdf#106057 General input/output error loading pdf file (because of multiple
    trailers which is valid per PDF specification) [Mike Kaganski]
13. tdf#112287 FILEOPEN DOCX Text frame moves to the top, pushing regular text
    to the bottom of the page in a DOCX document created with Microsoft Word
    [Justin Luth]
14. tdf#123983 Read Error if embedded images are not into the Pictures
    directory [Thorsten Behrens]
15. tdf#124675 CRASH: after moving the content down and undoing [Michael Stahl]
16. tdf#126449 Tables in DOC document are overlapping (one floating multipage
    table-in-table-in-table) [Miklos Vajna]
17. tdf#128437 FILEOPEN: Cell in table is displayed on next page [Michael
18. tdf#128966 Writer table: Center Vertically shows some rows as Align Top
    (click-in restores until next fileopen) (see comment 10) [Michael Stahl]
19. tdf#132605 Connector dialog does not allow negative value for Line Skew
    [Regina Henschel]
20. tdf#133870 Page wrap and anchoring changes copy/paste using Windows
    clipboard (since 6.4) [Mike Kaganski]
21. tdf#137523 Part of the footer of the first page is not shown at doc opening
    even is visible at save [Michael Stahl]
22. tdf#139141 Make Field > Date (variable) the default and rename [Heiko
23. tdf#141198 EDITING Cycle case with change tracking doesn't work on the word
    under the text cursor [L??szl?? N??meth]
24. tdf#141457 Statistics button doesn't works in Calc's tabbed compact UI
    [Justin Luth]
25. tdf#141828 KF5 VCL PLUGIN: Wrong cursor for handle of configurable shapes
    [Michael Weghorn]
26. tdf#144092 FILEOPEN PPTX: Empty table rows appear with lower height [Sarper
27. tdf#146984 Lost page break: Image in frame jump to second page on DOCX
    export (fine with DOC) [Justin Luth]
28. tdf#148959 Calc: Transparency of axis font not saved [Miklos Vajna]
29. tdf#149598 "Format cells" dialog does not remember size [Andreas \ 
30. tdf#150316 FILESAVE: PPTX: Incorrect indent after RT [Samuel Mehrbrodt]
31. tdf#150639 Master Slides sidebar opens with zero width [Mihai Vasiliu]
32. tdf#151059 Can't type "^" character with AltGr+3 using Slovenian \ 
    opening Gallery instead [Caol??n McNamara]
33. tdf#151188 Area-Fill color in Sidebar is not selected on click on the 1st
    element [Samuel Mehrbrodt]
34. tdf#151919 Forms - Tablecontrol: Content of numeric fields becomes
    invisible when moving cursor from new row to rows above [Caol??n McNamara]
35. tdf#152675 font clipped at top pixel row at certain zoom-levels (kf5 and
    qt5 with Cairo, gtk3) [Aron Budea, Caol??n McNamara]
36. tdf#153519 heap-use-after-free involving SwContentTree::m_aUpdTimer during
    UITest_sw_navigator [Noel Grandin]
37. tdf#153613 FILEOPEN DOCX: export puts page break before textbox, instead of
    after [Justin Luth]
38. tdf#154129 FILEOPEN DOCX: framePr anchored to text, not page when
    unspecified [Justin Luth]
39. tdf#154142 Crash in: SfxUndoManager::SetMaxUndoActionCount(unsigned
    __int64) [Caol??n McNamara]
40. tdf#154198 TABLE: Second + second-last v-borders hidden in RTL documents
    after saving as DOCX and reopening [Miklos Vajna]
41. tdf#154454 Incorrect numbering in Show Changes mode [Matthew Kogan]
42. tdf#154775 Part of document missing when opened from an email [Michael
43. tdf#155040 FILEOPEN RTF Floating table is overlapped by subsequent
    non-floating ones [Miklos Vajna]
44. tdf#155177 Writer: Widow/orphan behaviour not reliably predictable [Michael
45. tdf#155512 PPTX import doesn't import unused master slides [Henry Castro]
46. tdf#155682 DOCX with big pictures causes endless loop [Miklos Vajna]
47. tdf#155756 UI Properties sidebar not displaying height over 100 and can't
    modify field over 100 [Caol??n McNamara]
48. tdf#155846 Change tracking error while moving a column. [L??szl?? N??meth]
49. tdf#156033 Picture Content Control usage with QT5/KDE interface [Michael
50. tdf#156146 FILEOPEN ODT Paragraphs have greater indent than in 7.5 [Michael
51. tdf#156306 tagged PDF export of odt document runs in a loop (hangs)
    [Michael Stahl]
52. tdf#156525 Save as > HTML or direct gif export loses drawing objects,
    charts and formulas as invalid gif [Noel Grandin]
53. tdf#156539 Fontwork with transparency won't be visible in presentation mode
    with Skia Raster [Patrick Luby]
54. tdf#156565 FILESAVE PDF Using tabulator inside a link results to a PAC2021
    "Inconsistent entry found" error [Michael Stahl]
55. tdf#156593 FILEOPEN PPTX: image shown in full instead of cropped [Balazs
56. tdf#156599 Error message when load a form. System works correct after
    confirming the message [Jean-Pierre Ledure]
57. tdf#156724 Document layout changed in PDF export: content overlaps footnote
    [Michael Stahl]
58. tdf#156756 Icon sizes for the toolbar don't correspond to the actual sizes
    of icons [Noel Grandin]
59. tdf#156847 Transparency in drop-down lists Line and Width on Sidebar [Noel
60. tdf#156881 Background padding is green on with Skia/Metal [Patrick
61. tdf#156902 FILEOPEN PPTX: graphics not shown (edit mode and presentation
    mode) [Regina Henschel]
62. tdf#156985 SUM() with mixed formula and value cells may give slightly
    inaccurate result [Eike Rathke]
63. tdf#157005 Floating table view glitches while inserting lines [Miklos
64. tdf#157028 FILESAVE PDF Tagged PDF export makes file size grow
    significantly [Michael Stahl]
65. tdf#157038 Auto Spell Checker Prevents Cell Selection Right Click [Justin
66. tdf#157067 "Character styles" panel is not showing highlighting \ 
color style
    [Khaled Hosny]
67. tdf#157119 Third part of multi-page floating tables [Miklos Vajna]
68. tdf#157131 CRASH: after pasting all and undoing [Michael Stahl]
69. tdf#157132 LibreOffice 7.6.0 copying of formulas in writer table ??
    relative distance of cells in formula not preserved after copying to other
    lines [Xisco Fauli]
70. tdf#157145 PDF/UA Paragraph border generates "Path object not \ 
tagged" error
    in PAC tool [Michael Stahl]
71. tdf#157164 Frame > Position and Size > Vertical Position preview does not
    show red line for baseline anymore [Noel Grandin]
72. tdf#157168 MetricSpinButton ignores out-of-range value instead of limiting
    to range [Caol??n McNamara]
73. tdf#157182 Crashes when exporting a certain presentation as PDF in Archival
    format PDF/A-1b [Michael Stahl]
74. tdf#157260 Test connection is not using the port specified in connection
    string for PostgreSQL using 5432 instead [Julien Nabet]
75. tdf#157263 DOCX of 3 pages opens 4 pages for split table [Miklos Vajna]
76. tdf#157289 FILESAVE DOCX: Saving curved arrow shape works all right in 7.2
    but not in 24.2 [Regina Henschel]
77. tdf#157299 Calc crashes when accessing cells containing a sumif formula
    with NVDA [Michael Weghorn]
78. tdf#157318 Named ranges defined at the sheet level are not exported to XLSX
    [Rafael Lima]
79. tdf#157360 Offline Help (DE) triggers contact attempt to to
    piwik.documentfoundation.org [Olivier Hallot]
80. tdf#157388 LibreLogo sqrt undefined [Julien Nabet]
81. tdf#157394 Inserting cross references doesn't work anymore [Miklos Vajna]
82. tdf#157397 PDF export: Hyperlinks will be interchanged if there is a form
    control in document [Michael Stahl]
83. tdf#157442 Redlining of a misspelled word disappears when you write an
    erroneous word with a number after it [L??szl?? N??meth]
84. tdf#157465 SQL query produces no output in database with external HSQLDB
    driver (Windows-only) [Julien Nabet]
85. tdf#157492 Missing change tracking when insertion rows during drag & drop
    in Writer. [L??szl?? N??meth]
86. tdf#157515 Crash on clicking Reset when modifying Background presentation
    style (gtk3) [Caol??n McNamara]
87. tdf#157517 possible regression in PDF/UA export: PDF/UA identifier missing
    when PDF/A also used [Michael Stahl]
88. tdf#157532 ProjectionMode PERSPECTIVE for extruded custom shapes not
    possible via BASIC macro [Julien Nabet]
89. tdf#157565 The Font Color chooser does not show color names any more since
    7.6 [Patrick Luby]
90. tdf#157568 After deleting the content of a cell by pressing the delete key,
    Orca still speaks the content. [Noel Grandin]
91. tdf#157571 FILEOPEN: DOCX: Incorrect blank space after table [Miklos Vajna]
92. tdf#157572 FILEOPEN: DOCX: Incorrect position of text frames inside
    pseudo-table because of wrong vAnchor default [Justin Luth]
93. tdf#157573 FILEOPEN: Incorrect text frame position [Miklos Vajna]
94. tdf#157574 FILEOPEN: DOCX: Two pages document is displayed in one page
    [Justin Luth]
95. tdf#157590 HANG: opening file with floating table [Miklos Vajna]
96. tdf#157593 PDF export: Document is blank after exporting [Miklos Vajna]
97. tdf#157613 Crash - Database Form - editing size of grid control causes hang
    requiring forced kill - SKIA raster rendering on (by default) [Patrick
98. tdf#157643 Saving to HTML a table with a wide horizontal border between
    rows, produces extra tr elements [Mike Kaganski]
99. tdf#157679 PPTX: Default custom text is shown in slideshow or when
    exporting to PDF [Xisco Fauli]
100. tdf#157680 Impress export corrupted pdf on MacOS [Patrick Luby]
101. tdf#157686 UI freezes after setting new master password [Noel Grandin]
102. tdf#157703 FILESAVE PDF: Since LO 7.6.0 Beta1, Numbered headings result to
    a Acrobat / PAC2021 "Lbl / LBody" errors [Michael Stahl]
103. tdf#157726 Making a Base report with chart generates "General \ 
error" [Caol
    ??n McNamara]
104. tdf#157784 In libreoffice calc, the names of the sheets are displayed in
    opposite direction now, which is annoying. [Andreas Heinisch]
105. tdf#157786 DAY, MONTH, YEAR functions are one day off for date+time before
    epoch / null-date day [Eike Rathke]
106. tdf#157797 ifna() returns #VALUE! if the input is a sum of a N/A value and
    another text cell [Eike Rathke]
107. tdf#157817 PAC gives "Invalid use of a "P" structure \ 
element" with title
    of multi page TOC [Michael Stahl]
108. tdf#157820 Command line argument does not accept Windows \\?\ path prefix
    [Mike Kaganski]
109. tdf#157826 MariaDB, direct Connection, Windows-Server: Data could be read
    by Base through Tools ?? SQL, but not by the GUI (table, form ??) [Mike
110. tdf#157849 EDITING: crash on "Set Character Spacing" with custom value
    when hitting Enter (GTK3) [Caol??n McNamara]
111. tdf#157897 Calc: linked files adding print ranges with each update
    [Andreas Heinisch]
112. tdf#157937 EDITING Cycle case with change tracking freezes Writer [L??szl
    ?? N??meth]
113. tdf#157966 "Fit to page" option makes printed formula huge [Mike \ 
114. tdf#157988 EDITING Fix cycle case on a selected word during change
    tracking [L??szl?? N??meth]
115. tdf#158038 General input/output error when trying to open PDF in macOS
    appstore version [Christian Lohmaier]
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Switch USE_JAVA2 from 9 to 11, as actually requires 11
   2023-11-14 15:03:25 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (1145)
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*: recursive bump for cairo dependency changes