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fonts/montserrat Geometric sans-serif typeface font by Julieta Ulanovsky
sysutils/macchina System information frontend with emphasis on performance
sysutils/xplr Hackable, minimal, fast TUI file explorer
biology/molsketch Program for drawing molecular structures
sysutils/navi Interactive cheatsheet tool for the CLI and application launchers
archivers/arqiver Simple Qt5/Qt6 archive manager
www/suckit Suck the InTernet
x11/xcolor Lightweight color picker for X11
sysutils/zoxide Faster way to navigate your filesystem
textproc/hgrep Grep with human-friendly search output
shells/nushell New type of shell
www/wiki-tui Simple and easy to use Wikipedia TUI
sysutils/felix TUI file manager with vim-like key mapping
x11/citron System data via on-demand notifications
x11/wired-notify Lightweight notification daemon with customizable layout blocks
sysutils/hexyl Command-line hex viewer
audio/gospt Spotify TUI and CLI
sysutils/dusage Command line disk usage information tool
net/castor Client for plain-text protocols like Gemini, Gopher and Finger
net/asuka Gemini Project client written in rust with ncurses
x11/jolly Small bookmarking launcher for desktop usage
textproc/csvlens Command line csv viewer
graphics/qrrs CLI tool for working with qr-codes
graphics/stitchy Simple command line tool to stitch multiple images into one
devel/tokei Displays statistics about code
sysutils/cchmod Chmod calculator
sysutils/onefetch Git repository summary on your terminal
sysutils/lsd The next gen ls command
news/tuifeed Terminal feed reader with a fancy ui
textproc/tuc When cut doesnt cut it
www/xh Friendly and fast tool for sending HTTP requests
textproc/hck Sharp cut(1) clone
editors/tp-note Minimalistic note taking and template system
net/ncgopher Gopher and gemini client for the modern internet
misc/wthrr Little helper for your terminal who knows about the weather
graphics/oculante Minimalistic crossplatform image viewer written in rust
net/piratebay CLI tool to search for torrents on piratebay
graphics/simp Fast and simple GPU-accelerated image manipulation program
sysutils/ripdrag Drag and Drop utilty written in Rust and GTK4
print/jpeg-to-pdf Creates pdfs from jpeg images
textproc/sd Intuitive find and replace CLI
textproc/csview High performance csv viewer with cjk/emoji support
textproc/go-md2man Converts markdown into roff (man pages)
wm/lefthk Hotkey daemon written in Rust
audio/ncspot Cross-platform ncurses Spotify client written in Rust
audio/spotify-player Command driven spotify player
math/kalker CLI calculator supporting math-like syntax with user-defined variables
net/sniffnet Application to comfortably monitor your network traffic
net/netop Network top
net/phetch Quick lil gopher client for your terminal
net/trippy Network diagnostic tool
devel/garden Grows and cultivates collections of Git trees
security/pleaser Sudo like program with regex support
sysutils/tre-command Tree command, improved
benchmarks/hyperfine Command-line benchmarking tool
audio/librespot Open Source Spotify client library
net/termscp Feature rich TUI file transfer and explorer
devel/git-cliff Highly customizable Changelog Generator
multimedia/t-rec Terminal recorder
wm/leftwm Tiling window manager for adventurers
editors/focuswriter Simple, distraction-free writing environment
audio/spotify-qt Lightweight Spotify client using Qt
chat/iamb Matrix client for Vim addicts
sysutils/erdtree Multi-threaded file-tree visualizer and disk usage analyzer
shells/oh-my-posh Prompt theme engine for any shell
editors/featherpad Lightweight Qt6 plain-text editor
editors/feathernotes Lightweight Qt6 hierarchical notes-manager
graphics/wallust Generate colors from an image
textproc/lok Count the number of codes
wm/marswm Modern window manager featuring dynamic tiling
math/four-bar-rs Simulator and synthesizing tool for four-bar linkage mechanism
wip/elvish-dev Expressive programming language and a versatile interactive shell
wip/alacritty-dev Cross-platform, GPU-accelerated terminal emulator
textproc/inlyne GPU powered, browserless, markdown and html viewer
sysutils/dust More intuitive version of du in rust
misc/tui-journal Your journal app if you live in a terminal
www/monolith CLI tool for saving complete web pages as a single HTML file
finance/rex TUI for keeping track of incomes and expenses
www/hackernews-tui Terminal UI to browse Hacker News
www/so Terminal interface for Stack Overflow
www/seaward Crawler which searches for links or a specified word in a website
sysutils/broot New way to see and navigate directory trees
graphics/matugen Material you color generation tool
net/tlrc Tldr client written in Rust
textproc/molybdenum Recursive search and replace CLI application
misc/rust-kanban Kanban board for the terminal
time/saturn-cli Calendar for CLI nerds
sysutils/yazi Blazing fast terminal file manager
devel/cargo-outdated Cargo subcommand for displaying when Rust dependencies are out of date
devel/cargo-modules Render your crates module/item structure as a tree or graph
graphics/kvantum SVG-based theme engine for Qt and KDE
misc/tailspin Log file highlighter
wm/oatbar Standalone desktop bar
textproc/ripgrep Line-oriented search tool
devel/cocogitto The Conventional Commits toolbox
devel/crates-query Query from command line
sysutils/dua-cli View disk space usage and delete unwanted data
math/qcalc Terminal GUI calculator
net/slumber Terminal-based REST client
chat/neonmodem Neon modem overdrive
sysutils/treegrep Pattern matcher frontend or backend which displays results in a tree
sysutils/xcp Extended cp
devel/bacon Background rust code check
devel/cargo-about Cargo plugin to generate list of all licenses for a crate
graphics/gradient CLI tool for playing with color gradients
audio/sptui Spotify TUI player
wip/markdown-reader Simple markdown reader
sysutils/rsftch Lightning fast hardware fetch
wip/lsd-dev The next gen ls command
net/bropages CLI to interact with